Free Voip Calls with Evaphone

Published: 22nd March 2010
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I think You all are aware of Evaphone. Evaphone is the one of the most significant Voip Service Providers. Evaphone provide Free Voip Calls to all over the world. Evaphone is simple to use, just visit the Evaphone site and enter the number where you want to call. If want to use Evaphone paid Services visit Evaphone site and get register yourself. After registering you need balance in your account for making Voip Calls. So for adding balance in your account enter you credit card/ Visa Card or master card number and enjoy the Evaphone Voip calling services.

For free PC-to-Phone Calls with Evaphone you need internet connection and headset. All the PC-to-phone calls are free but if they charge for any of their services that charge will be quite reasonable. Many of the Free Voip Calls service provider claim that they are providing qualitative calling services but they didn't. But Evaphone service is quite believable as they are providing good voice calling quality for 24 hours. You can use Evaphone services wherever you want but condition is that you should have internet connection. If you are using Evaphone premium services i.e paid services then you don't worry its calling charges are extremely low. If you face any problem while making Free Voip Calls you can take the help of Evaphone customer services.

Evaphone maintain high privacy of our account. No one can make use of our account without our permission. You can check you your account balance any time whenever you want. Evaphone don't keep your credit card information and doesn't reveal your personal information. Evaphone has many good qualities but i want to specify the quality which i like. That is Evaphone make no compromise if any things come to its quality and Free Voip Calls Services.

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