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Published: 19th April 2011
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Nonoh- is a free program that uses the latest technology to give you a free service of VoIP-telephony. Using free software Nonoh, you may call through the Internet to landlines in 45 countries. These are the list of countries where Nonoh is currently offering the Free Voip Calls.

* france
* puerto rico
* sweden
* south korea
* latvia
* malaysia
* panama

In addition, you can call any country in the world as a fixed and mobile phone at a symbolic price. To all your online friends in the system Nonoh you can call for free. Visit to download Nonoh for free. Install the application only takes a few minutes. Just follow the prompts of the program. if you have a need to call in any direction or pay you want to enjoy a wide range of free destinations you will be required to purchase credit. Buying credit entitles you to 120 free days. This means that you can call any country in the free areas completely free for 120 days. After 120 days of unused credit remains on your account and download your additional free areas established in the usual tariffs.

New users are given 60 minutes of free time to test the quality of services Nonoh. During this trial period you can only call into the pre-free areas. Register your account and get a loan in order to expand the list of your free directions. Registered users receive a weekly maximum of 200 minutes of free voip calls over the Internet with a unique IP-address. Unused free minutes for the next week will not be transferred. If the 200-minute time limit is exceeded, the payment occurs at the established rate.

Here are is the 45 destination in which you can call.

* Belgium
* Brazil
* Ascension Islands (+ Mobile)
* Bulgaria
* Canada
* Argentina
* Austria (+ Mobile)
* India
As we can't able to mention the whole list of destination visit the site to see the whole list.

System requirements

* Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
* Minimum 300 MHz processor required
* RAM should be 128 MB
* free space in your hard drive 10 MB
* Headset with microphone and Sound Card is required
* Cable, DSL, Internet Connection required (100 kbps)

Now Mac and Linux user can also use Nonoh Free Voip Calls facility.

Nonoh Mobile VoIP:

Now you can also use the Nohoh App on your Mobile Phone. I mean to say from today itself everyone can make Free Wi-Fi Calls to anywhere with Nonoh Mobile Voip Services. But condition is that your mobile should support the 3G network. Without 3G you can't able to use it. It support the latest Mobile like Nokia N-Series, Apple iphone and so on.

Features of Nonoh Mobile Voip:-

* You can make and receive your calls at very low price using Nonoh Mobile Voip App.
* There is no complication in using this service. Simple to use, just select the number from your contact list and press on redial.
* This app will work all around the world, anywhere, anytime.
* You can change your plan at any time.
* Its service quality and connectivity is quite significant.
* It support the wifi, GPRS, 3G network, depending upon the network condition use the application which you want.

Recently it allow Free Voip Calls to 8 countries. So using Nonoh Mobile Voip App you can call to that counties. For list of the countries visit its official site.

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